Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Brinjal and Other Blooms

My Brinjal plant has bloomed for the first time this season and I'm really excited. Not knowing what variety of brinjal I've planted, I've been waiting for the fruit for a while. I'll soon get my answer.
Brinjal Flower
Brinjal Bud
Here are my ladies finger blooms wishing me "Good Morning!". It's the second season. And though the earlier ant infestation has diminished on its own, the fruits are markedly smaller this time.
Ladies Finger Flowers
A Beetle on this Flower
The papaya tree in our shared garden is blooming.
Papaya flower

It's been planted too close to the wall and I was afraid that it wouldn't survive. Yet here it is, and it's fruiting.
Papaya Tree
 I'll sign off with a picture of my purple heart flowers in the balcony garden.

Purple Heart


  1. Oh I wish I had a papaya tree in my garden! Years ago I lived in Brunei for a while and we had a lovely house built around a courtyard, in which there were two papaya trees. We didn't even need to go outside the house to get lovely fruit for breakfast.

  2. Vegetables have interesting and lovely flowers too!

  3. Anita, The Laddies Finger flowers are very dramatic in their coloration. Like those. Just planted some Purple Heart this week which I had kept indoors all Winter. It grows like crazy here. Don't have a papaya tree, but that would be nice! Jack

  4. Anita, In a couple of days ( a week or so) I will be posting a series of Iris photos I am putting together. (Much like I did with the recent daffodil pictures two postings ago). You mentioned that you would like to see some more Bearded Iris. There will be some closeup shots at that time. Glad you like my Blog at Gardens at Waters East. It is really beautiful living here on the Lake Michigan. Jack

  5. lovely. i do love the flowers of the brinjal and the ladies finger.

  6. I love watching eggplant grow but I love eating them more!

  7. Anita, I will agree that the sunset pictures were really dramatic. I have so many more but thought a few would be enough for that posting. Even storms have a wonderful beauty, if we but look and let them speak to us. The sense of "awe" and power is powerful indeed. Jack