Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Good News From My Garden

There’s some good news! A crow couple, which lives adjacent to my building, is expecting triplets.  They have a nest atop a coconut tree, which I can peek into from the stair case landing of the third floor. The would-be parents are guarding the eggs round the clock. But on this rare occasion, the parents were away and I managed to take two good photos of the pale green eggs in their nest.

Three Crow's Eggs
Nearly Hidden From View
Despite the scorching heat in the afternoon, the evenings are often cool and pleasant. Occasionally we even have a spell of rain. Early in the week, when it was about to rain, this Kingfisher seemed rapturous. It went about shrieking “Kee Kee Kee Keeeee”, almost begging me to take a picture of it. So I obliged.
White Breasted Kingfisher
In my earlier post, Birds from My Window, I’d mentioned the rare sighting of the Lesser Golden-backed Woodpecker. Well, I recently spotted it for the second time. It was right above me, but I didn’t have my camera handy. By the time I went up and down three floors for my camera, the bird had moved away, thanks to the crows. But here is a zoomed in, long shot of the beauty.

Lesser Golden-Backed Woodpecker
Coming to the flora in my garden. The suspense with regard to my brinjal is over.  And it is…. it is the small, round, purple variety. It was delicious, almost melting, as I had it in my sambar yesterday.
Purple Brinjal Drenched in the Rain
Let me sign off with pictures from the balcony garden and the garden downstairs.

Pomegranate Blooms
Bunches of Pink Ixora flowers
Spotted Leaves and Floor: Caladium Plant


  1. Anita, your photos remind me so much of a previous part of my life! I was born and brought up in Malaysia, and many of the plants we used to grow there are the same as the ones you are writing about - particularly the Caladiums (which we always called "Elephant's Ear Plant"). We used to have Ixora too - though only red ones I think.

  2. Yes Mark, the red Ixora are much more common.

  3. vasanti said:

    How nice that woodpecker looks in the shade.

  4. Anita, First you asked about the flower pot in a recent posting. It was a gift and is made of clay and was fired in a kiln. There are lots of art studios in the area. If you look up on the web Door County Wisconsin you will see what I mean. Secondly, nice like seeing your photos of the birds. Here too lot and lots of birds. Gardens at Waters East is on one of the largest migratory routes for birds traveling through the USA. There are birds living here at GAWA that live in Argentina the other half of the year. Fantastic to see them. Stay in touch Jack

  5. Nice phot of the crows eggs. I don't know what brinjal is. How do you prepare it and can you describe its taste?

  6. Brinjal is nothing but Eggplant or Aubergine. Here in India, we call it Brinjal and as per Wiki, Brinjal is derived from the Portugese word "beringela". There are 100s of recipes with Eggplant or Brinjal. But the best one is deep fried slices of large Brinjal. They're absolutely delicious.