Friday, 3 June 2011

Growing Garlic

Having heard that growing garlic is very easy, I planted three garlic cloves in a pot. That was nearly four months ago. Last month, when their tops began to wither, I stopped watering them as recommended. Thereafter, they appeared ready for  harvest. Apparently, something I did was not quite right. For when I dug up the soil, all I found were three teeny-weeny garlic pods. Each pod was merely a single fat clove.
Garlic Shoots
Withered Garlic Tops
There is, however, a bright side to my failed garlic experiment. Recently, I happened to come across a pile of tiny young garlic in an organic produce & specialty store. They seemed  very  similar to the ones I’d harvested. The owner claimed that these were in demand for their special medicinal benefits.

Baby Garlic
 I like my garlic, fat, with numerous cloves, but now I can console myself with the thought that they are probably more “medicinal”.

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  1. Gardeners learn from their experiences though, Anita! I'm sure you will have another try... I never grow garlic, because it can be bought so cheaply in the shops - and I would need to devote the whole of my garden to growing it if I was to have enough for our culinary needs throughout the year!